Want to Learn Photography? Tips for Beginners फोटोग्राफी


Photography tips for beginners,see what to learn in फोटोग्राफी !

If you are just starting out in photography and you don’t know where to begin, or perhaps you have been taking pictures with your camera for a while and want to improve your shooting skills, you’ve come to the right place. The material compiled in this article will not only help you in building up your photography knowledge, but also assist in advancing you to the next level. On this page, you will find the most valuable articles and techniques we have written to help you grow as a photographer, from basic photography tips for beginners all the way to more advanced techniques and tutorials.

Start Here:

  • What is a DSLR?
  • What is a Mirrorless Camera?
  • What is Shutter Speed?
  • What is Aperture?
  • What is Camera ISO?
  • Understanding Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO
  • Understanding Camera Modes
  • Metering and Metering Modes
  • What is Exposure Compensation?
  • Autofocus Modes Explained
  • Common Camera Settings
  • How to Take Sharp Photos
  • Introducing Composition in Photography
  • Understanding Composition – Beyond the Rule of Thirds
  • How to Take Good Pictures
  • Camera Equipment for Beginners

After you have read through the above articles, if you want to learn more, you can find a lot more content in the links below. This includes every article we have written for beginner photographers, and it is an excellent place to continue your photographic journey. Also, please don’t forget to check out our dedicated pages for Landscape Photography, Post-Processing, Wildlife Photography, Portrait Photography and Advanced Photography Tutorials.

Choosing Camera Equipment

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Mirrorless Camera
  • Are Polarizing, ND and UV Filters Useless?
  • Beginning Photography Equipment
  • Best Nikon Lenses For Food Photography
  • Best Nikon Lenses for Wedding Photography
  • Best Nikon Lenses for Wildlife Photography
  • Comparing Entry-Level Canon DSLR Cameras
  • Do Filters Affect the Resolution of Lenses?
  • Do You Have Insurance for Photography Equipment?
  • Don’t Be a Gear Junkie
  • Evaluating Mirrorless Camera Systems
  • First Nikon Lens?
  • How to Buy a DSLR Camera – DSLR Purchase Guide
  • How to Buy Used DSLR Cameras
  • How to Buy Used Lenses
  • How to Choose and Buy a Tripod
  • How to Choose the Right Lens Set
  • How to Effectively Sell Your Photo Gear on eBay
  • Lens Filters Explained
  • Micro Four Thirds vs DSLR Camera Considerations
  • Mirrorless Camera Comparison
  • Must-Have DSLR Accessories
  • Nikon Flash Comparison
  • Nikon vs Canon vs Sony
  • Not All Lens Filters Are The Same
  • Prime vs Zoom Lenses
  • The Perks of Switching Camera Systems
  • Where to Buy a Camera
  • Which Nikon DSLR to Buy First?
  • Which Nikon Prime Lens to Buy First?
  • Why You Should Only Buy from Authorized Dealers

Understanding Camera Equipment

  • Bokeh on Point and Shoot Cameras
  • Canon Lens Abbreviations
  • Compressed vs Uncompressed vs Lossless Compressed RAW Options
  • Dead vs Stuck vs Hot Pixels
  • DSLR vs Mirrorless Cameras
  • DSLR vs Point and Shoot Camera
  • Electronic Front-Curtain Shutter Explained
  • Focal Length Comparison on Nikon DX (1.5 Crop Factor) Cameras
  • Focal Length in Reverse Lens Macro Technique
  • Fujifilm Lens Abbreviations
  • How Focal Length Affects What (and How) You See
  • How Phase Detection Autofocus Works
  • How to Clean DSLR Sensor and Keep Your Camera Gear Clean
  • How to Clean SLR Camera Lenses
  • How to Enable Nikon’s One-Click Zoom Feature
  • How to Find Total Shutter Actuations on Nikon and Canon DSLRs
  • How to Fix Blinking “Err” Error on Nikon DSLR Cameras
  • How to Properly Use and Care for Memory Cards
  • How to Reduce Camera Shake on a Tripod
  • How to Spot Dust on Your DSLR Sensor
  • How to Store Memory Cards
  • How to Take Camera Phone Pictures
  • How to Take Really Long Exposures with a DSLR
  • How to Update Firmware on Nikon DSLR
  • How to Use a Monopod
  • How to Use a Tripod
  • How to Use Exposure Delay Mode on Nikon DSLRs
  • How to Use Telephoto Lenses
  • How to Use Wide Angle Lenses
  • How to Wet Clean Your DSLR Sensor in Less Than 5 Minutes
  • Nikon AE-L / AF-L Button
  • Nikon DSLR Error Messages
  • Nikon DX vs FX
  • Nikon Group-Area AF Mode
  • Nikon Lens Abbreviations
  • Sigma Lens Abbreviations
  • Sony Lens Abbreviations
  • The Versatility of Prime Lenses
  • Things to Do After Buying a New Lens
  • Understanding Auto ISO in Photography
  • Using Extension Tubes in Strong Wind
  • Using Nikon DX Lenses on FX Cameras
  • What Are Shot Noise and Digital Noise in Photography?
  • What is a Teleconverter?
  • What is an Extension Tube?
  • What is Arca-Swiss Quick Release System?
  • What is Crop Factor?
  • What is Gray Market Camera Gear?
  • What is Lens Compression and How to Use It In Your Photos
  • What To Do With Dust Inside Lens
  • Which Camera Settings Affect RAW Photos?
  • Why Are Some Lenses So Expensive?
  • Why Use Fisheye Lenses?



Photography Tips

  • Aquarium Macro Photography of Ornamental Shrimp
  • Architectural Photography Tutorial
  • Choosing a Creative Exposure – A Beginner’s Guide
  • Choosing and Preparing for a Photography Tour
  • Exposure Stops in Photography – A Beginner’s Guide
  • Focus and Recompose Technique
  • Food Photography Tips: Introduction
  • Getting Started With Sports Photography
  • Hand-held Close-Up Photography
  • High Magnification Macro Photography on a Budget
  • How to Deal With Harsh, Midday Lighting
  • How to Focus Stack Images
  • How to Obtain Maximum Bokeh
  • How to Photograph Airplanes
  • How to Photograph Cathedrals
  • How to Photograph Fireworks
  • How to Photograph Food with a Camera Phone
  • How to Photograph Interior Domes of Popular Landmarks
  • How to Photograph Lightning
  • How to Photograph Textures
  • Improving Your Photos Without Buying More Gear
  • Introduction to Infrared Photography
  • Introduction to Street Portrait Photography
  • Lens Aperture Chart for Beginners
  • Low Light Photography Tips
  • Macro Photography Lighting Tutorial
  • Macro Photography Tutorial
  • Nature Photography Tips
  • Photographing Cemeteries and Exploring Their Beauty
  • Photographing Stately And Historical Buildings
  • RAW vs JPEG
  • Six Tips for Better Photographs of Plants
  • Smartphone Photography Tips
  • Street Photography Techniques
  • Street Photography Tips for Beginners
  • The Exposure Triangle – A Beginner’s Guide
  • Tips on Photographing Food Outdoors
  • Tips on Properly Holding a Camera
  • Underexposure vs Overexposure – A Beginner’s Guide
  • Understanding Depth of Field – A Beginner’s Guide
  • Understanding Histograms in Photography
  • Understanding White Balance – A Beginner’s Guide
  • What is Bokeh?
  • What Is Exposure? (A Beginner’s Guide)
  • What is Reciprocal Rule in Photography?
  • What is White Balance?
  • Why You Should Try Shooting in Manual Mode
  • Winter Photography Tips


  • Balance in Photography
  • Central Composition is Brilliant
  • Challenging Yourself to Improve
  • Composition in Photography: Assignment Discussion
  • Creating and Using Leading Lines
  • Explore the Edges
  • Four Simple Tips for Better Composition
  • How I Learned to Separate Details
  • How to Find Your Personal Style in Photography
  • How to Improve Your Photography
  • Improve Your Photography
  • Improving Eye Flow by Creating Corner Exits
  • Leading The Eye
  • Negative Space in Photography
  • Open and Closed Composition
  • The Importance of Straightening The Horizon and Aligning Lines
  • The Magic of “7” in Composition
  • The Myth of the Rule of Thirds
  • Using Foreground Elements to Create Added Depth
  • What is Composition in Photography?
  • What is Rule of Thirds?
  • What Makes a Good Photo?
  • What’s Important in a Photograph, and What Isn’t


Landscape Photography
Landscape Photography


  • Best Non-Destructive Editing Software for Photography
  • DNG vs RAW
  • How to Remove EXIF Data
  • How to View DNG Thumbnails in Windows
  • Maximizing Dynamic Range
  • Photo Noise Reduction Tutorial
  • What is EXIF Data?

    Computer Hardware

    Best Monitor for Photography
    How to Buy an Apple iMac for Photography
    How to Buy an Apple MacBook for Photography
    NVMe vs SSD vs HDD Performance
    PC vs Mac for Photography
    The Ultimate PC Build for Photography Needs

    Color Management

    How to Calibrate Your Monitor
    How to Properly Calibrate Dell U2413 / U2713H / U3014 Monitors
    Is Your Browser Color-Managed?
    The Basics of Monitor Calibration
    What is a 30 Bit Photography Workflow?


    Is it Worth Buying a Large Format Printer?
    Storage and Backup
    Basic Image Backup Tips for Beginners
    Cloud Storage for Photographers
    How to Organize Pictures
    How to Recover Deleted Photos from Memory Cards
    How to Significantly Reduce Your Backup Needs
    Photography Backup Workflow
    Storage Considerations for Photographers

Recommended Camera Settings

  • Recommended Canon 5D Mark IV Settings
  • Recommended Canon 6D Settings
  • Recommended Canon 7D Mark II Settings
  • Recommended Nikon D600 / D610 Settings
  • Recommended Nikon D7100 Settings
  • Recommended Nikon D750 Settings
  • Recommended Nikon D800 / D800E Settings
  • Recommended Nikon D810 Settings
  • Recommended Sony A6000 Settings
  • Recommended Sony A7R II Settings

Case Studies

  • Case Study: Bird Photography
  • Case Study: Exposure at Night
  • Case Study: Image Quality
  • Case Study: Image Spots and Streaks
  • Case Study: Night Shot
  • Case Study: Shooting NYC Skyline
  • Case Study: Skin Color Problems
  • How Was This Picture Made #01?
  • How Was This Picture Made #02?
  • How Was This Picture Made #03?
  • How Was This Picture Made #04?
  • How Was This Picture Made #05?
  • How Was This Picture Made #06?
  • How Was This Picture Made #07?
  • How Was This Picture Made #08?
  • How Was This Picture Made #09?
  • How Was This Picture Made #10?
  • How Was This Picture Made #11?
  • How Was This Picture Made #12?


  • Adventures of Traveling Cars by Kim Leuenberger
  • Art, Not Furniture
  • Autumn Encouragement
  • Christina’s Lights
  • Defeating The Slump
  • Diseases That Plague Photographers
  • Don’t Get Stuck with Your Gear – Pursue Your Passion
  • Eastern South Carolina: More Than Just Beaches
  • Editing For Your Audience
  • End Of Year Thoughts
  • Every Road Tells a Story
  • Finding Contemplation
  • Focusing on the Entire Process of Capturing Images
  • Fun with a Fisheye
  • How Stock Photography Built my Grammar
  • How to Deal with Online Image Theft
  • If it Moves, Make it Blurred
  • Letting Your Personal Style Find You
  • Long Exposures In The City
  • Making The Familiar Unfamiliar
  • Minimalism in Photography: The Good and Bad
  • Never Stop Seeing
  • Photographing San Francisco’s Botanical Gardens With An Extension Tube
  • Playing Your Strengths, Resolving Weaknesses
  • Read These Books and Become a Better Photographer
  • Replacing GAS with SAS
  • Shooting Film for the First Time
  • Shooting in the Moment
  • Stop Taking Crappy Pictures!
  • The Benefits of Revisiting Older Photographs
  • The Fallacy Of Talent
  • The Healing Power of Photography
  • The Joy of Travel Photography
  • The Magic of Bali and the Travel Photography of David Lazar
  • The Matter of Obsolescence
  • The Promise Of Exposure
  • What a 365 Challenge Taught Me as a Novice
  • What is Fine Art Photography?
  • Which To Upgrade? Gear Or Skill?
  • Why Film?
  • Why Good Photographers Take Bad Photos

Social Media

  • How to Make Facebook Show Images in Links
  • How to Properly Resize Images for Facebook
  • How to Use Instagram for Your Photography Business
  • Social Media for Your Photography Business


  • How to Deal with Restrictive Photo Policies
  • Know Thy Rights: Photography Abroad
  • Know Your Rights as a Photographer!


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